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The Better STRIPPER Deck- Riders
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 The Goldilocks Stripper Deck

This deck is BETTER because:

1.> The tappered-cut on all the cards are evenly matched in shape. The "wings" are not to wide (as to be seen by the spectator) nor too narrow for feeling --- just "Goldilocks-right" for maxium touch control.

2. >The cuts are made to correct any framing issues due to off-center printing from the factory.

3.> Once the wing-cut is made, the corner-rounding is a superior 1/8th inch radius cut per card.

The standard stripper deck is a classic among trick decks. Looks like a regular deck of cards and you can pass them out for examination. Yet, you have uncanny control of selected cards after they are shuffled into the deck. You can make the chosen card appear on top of the deck, on the bottom, or even come out the middle. You can even seperate the reds from the blacks instantly. requires no sleight of hand. 

Available in RED or BLUE Bicycle Rider Backs.