Custom Double-Sided Cards

 At the Mimesis Card Workshop (that's just me and my 3 dogs), we specialize in custom-maded gaffed double-backed & double-faced cards.


> When a card is split, there are three sections: [front-single layer], [middle carbon single-layer] and the [back single-layer] section . For gaffed applications, a split card is made with one single-layer and one double- layer section and then re-assembled into a single card.

>> A lot of so-called "card splitters" will make a double-back card with two double-layers because they don't or can't work with the fragile single-layer section when re-making the card.

This lazy make-up of two [2X layers] causes the card to be thicker than normal. An outcome that most cardworkers do not prefer because it disrupts the natural handling of the cards. 

Here's some important qualities that my cards have:


I make all my custom double-backers with one [1X layer] and one ([2X layer], thus the custom card is reconstructed as a normal card with the same thickness.


*** Made With a Breakthrough "Re-stiffening" Process ***

When a card is split and reassembled, the card loses some of its stiffness. The cards made by the Mimesis Card Workshop are processed to maintain the original feel of the cards. Made for the serious Card Worker.


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If interested, you can place your request for the specifics of your custom cards by contacting me at:

Card Materials: Bicycle Rider Backs, Red or Blue (unless specified as another brand). 

Availability: Before placing an order, check with me to see if it's a project that I'm willing to do. At times, I may be on book tour or engaged in other projects that can effect processing times.

Price: $2.85 per double-backer.

Postage Domestic: $3.25 for orders under $20 and $3.95 for orders over $20 --- within the United States.

Postage International: Varies depending on total weight of order --- no processing or handling fees added.

Packaging: All custom-cards are packaged in plastic protectors per card and secured onto a firm cardboard foundation for shipping.

Payment: Paypal account: or if preferred, I can send you a Paypal invoice for your order. When sending e-payments through Paypal, be sure to mark your payment as PRODUCT, so that I can use Paypal's auto- shipping label containing your current mailing address.

Processing: My custom-made cards take 5-7 days to process: from splitting, to pressing / to re-assembling and to re-pressing. Sorry, but this is a process that cannot be rushed delivered.

Note: Any single order containing more than 18 cards may take up to 2 weeks to process.

My mailing address (if you need to ship me cards for custom-making):

* Please do not send me cards without first notifying me by email.

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Shawn Evans

1102 Southdown Parkway

Columbus, MS 39701