Custom-Made Decks

Custom Made "FLUID" Decks 

I can make any preferred brand of playing cards into a FLUID deck: Invisible Deck, BrainWave or Pop-Eyed Popper Deck,or even an ALONE Deck --- most any type of deck composed of rough-on-rough applications.

> The same technique that I use in my Better "Fluid" Invisible Deck can be applied to any brand of playing cards.


>  If I don't have your cards in stock, you can ship me the deck(s) to process.

> I may have the decks in stock or I can shop for the best price available to control the cost of the decks and pass on the savings.

If interested, you can place your request for your custom-made FLUID decks by contacting me at:

Availability: Before placing an order, check with me to see if it's a project that I'm willing to do. At times, I may be on book tour or engaged in other projects that can effect processing times.

Price: $6.50 above the cost of the deck.

* Price per PHOENIX Double Deckers is $8.50 per 54 cards, which would be a total of $17 for 1 double-decker deck (104 cards).

> If you would like your FLUID deck numerically marked [See Example] for easy identification of the target card, add an additional $8.00 per deck. This offer applies to the BrainWave Deck and ALONE Deck.

Postage Domestic: $3.25 for the first deck and $1.00 more for each additional deck.

Postage International: Varies depending on total weight of order --- each deck is calculated at 5 oz --- no processing or handling fees added. You can determine the cost of your postage at:    

------u--        You caPayment: Paypal account: or if preferred, I can send you a Paypal invoice for your order. When sending e-payments through Paypal, be sure to mark your payment as PRODUCT, so that I can use Paypal's auto- shipping label containing your current mailing address.

Processing: My custom-made cards or decks, take 5-7 days to process. Sorry, this is a process that cannot be rushed delivered.

If you need to ship me the deck(s) for custom-making: 

My mailing address is:

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Shawn Evans

1102 Southdown Parkway

Columbus, MS 39701