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The BETTER "FLUID" Invisible Deck, the Slo-Mo Snuggie Card,

the W*A*R Flash Pen, the SNUG TUCK BOX  (Quarter & Half)

the Post Card Predicition, the Mimesis Mnemonica Deck,

and growing --- all from a team of one man (with two hands) & 3 mutts!

 The following is a list of items that you will find at MIMESIS MAGIC:

* A unique selection of COIN and CARD MAGIC 

* In progress, 65 plus effects / items exclusive to MIMESIS MAGIC

* A Card Workshop --- where you design your custom card(s) 

* What I call TOOLS --- things that enhance or help an effect.


  Geeking Gallium Gaffs & Gimmicks 

This unique book is about a special group of alloys (safe & non-toxic) that can be used to create numerous magical effects, from vanishing (or bending or penetrating) a spoon, to mentally melting coins in the hands of spectators – even card peeks and locations using gallium.

All of the listed effects are constructed in the psychology and techniques of Max Malini (the greatest impromptu magician of all time), designed for thoughtful magicians, playful pranksters and curious minded individuals. Each novel application is presented in easy-to-understand details and do-it-yourself projects.

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 ***  **8**Deceptions That Dare To Dazzle And Delight ***

In this book, you’ll learn a diverse range of unique close-up and mental magic effects --- discover how to use a GPS Card with strategic roughing techniques, how to pre-stack a deck that can be freely shuffled, accomplish the pen-thru-bill trick with a borrowed pen, learn how to visually move the profile on a coin, create a deck with 54 Locators, apply a frixion- twist on the classic TA effect, acquire the ability to echo the thoughts of a spectator, use a floating tea bag to reveal a selected card, craft a tuck case for stack-work, make a force deck with 6 target cards, learn a no-sleight cards-to-sealed-decks routine, entertain with a 15 minute dinner table routine, multiply large numbers with the slot formula and learn how to actualize code words to identify card selections.

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  tTThPrestige Pen Projects - DIY Gimmicks: Flash, Smoke, PSI & Other Writing Instruments. Perfect Bound: 154 pages

If each of the pens and effects in this book were sold separately at market value, the total price would exceed $900!

This book is a combination Do-It-Yourself and Magic Effects book, containing 9 major DIY projects and 7 full working routines, plus a host of other tricks.

Learn how to make 3 types of flash pens, a flameless, smoke loading pen, a PSI pen, multiple- purpose pens, novel uses of off-the-shelf pens and mentalist utility pens. No knowledge of electronics needed --- just the proper know-how.

This book is jammed packed with over 150 photos, 13 detailed illustrations, numerous diagrams, 11 instructional video links and up- to-date listed sources for materials.

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 And finally... at MIMESIS MAGIC you will find me: Shawn Evans, a student of magic for 40 plus years. If you have an idea,a question,a suggestion -- drop me an email.  I may be able to assist you in creating real magic.





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