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Home of currently, 69 exclusive items:

The BETTER "FLUID" Invisible Deck, the Slo-Mo Snuggie Card,

the W*A*R Flash Pen, the SNUG TUCK BOX  (Quarter & Half)

the Post Card Predicition, the Mimesis Mnemonica Deck,

and growing --- all from a team of one man (with two hands) & 3 mutts!

 The following is a list of items that you will find at MIMESIS MAGIC:

* A unique selection of COIN and CARD MAGIC 

* In progress, 65 plus effects / items exclusive to MIMESIS MAGIC

* A Card Workshop --- where you design your custom card(s) 

* The largest variety and types of Mene-Tekel Decks available anywhere.



The purpose of this book is to literally and figuratively take the “punch out of punch-work” by introducing, for the first time, new-wave techniques and materials for touch-marking cards meant for the magician looking to develop his repertoire.

In the realm of performance magic, playing cards gaffed with touch-telling characteristics are powerful tools that can open up a world of possibilities for any card conjurer, regardless of skill level.

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                  *** HYPER HOUDINI HANDCUFF HACKS ***

This book details the newest, never-before-seen- methods to creatively hack handcuffs.

* Learn 5 creative ways to hack handcuffs with a deck of playing cards - yes, with a deck of cards!* On stage, learn the secrets to immediately passing your cuffed hands through your body – from front to back and back to front again.

* Learn how to create a handcuff hack using a smart phone. * Learn how to hack open handcuffs with a simple string or fishing line!

* Learn how and when you can shim open double-locked cuffs. * Learn new updates to opening handcuffs with a drinking straw.

* Learn how to easily pick double-lock cuffs with household materials. * Learn how to escape from cuffs butt naked.

* Learn how to hack HIPS handcuff keys for personal enhancements. * Learn the tools needed to accelerate your handcuff hacking skills. * Learn ground-breaking detent exploits to manipulated double-locked cuffs

And most importantly, learn the overall secrets of Mental Over Metal.

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  tTThPrestige Pen Projects - DIY Gimmicks: Flash, Smoke, PSI & Other Writing Instruments. Perfect Bound: 154 pages

If each of the pens and effects in this book were sold separately at market value, the total price would exceed $900!

This book is a combination Do-It-Yourself and Magic Effects book, containing 9 major DIY projects and 7 full working routines, plus a host of other tricks.

Learn how to make 3 types of flash pens, a flameless, smoke loading pen, a PSI pen, multiple- purpose pens, novel uses of off-the-shelf pens and mentalist utility pens. No knowledge of electronics needed --- just the proper know-how.

This book is jammed packed with over 150 photos, 13 detailed illustrations, numerous diagrams, 11 instructional video links and up- to-date listed sources for materials.

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 And finally... at MIMESIS MAGIC you will find me: Shawn Evans, a student of magic for 40 plus years. If you have an idea,a question,a suggestion -- drop me an email.  I may be able to assist you in creating real magic.




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