Mene-Tekel Decks

All Mene-Tekel decks come with the complete e-book: Encyclopedia of Card Tricks and the bonus e-book: NEW ERA CARD TRICKS, considered the masterpiece of August Roterberg's pulblishing efforts. A large part of this book is basically a translation of the German work Der Moderne Kartenkünstler by Friedrich W. Conradi.  


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The Mene-Tekel is a simple and elegant deck of gaffed cards which allows the creative performer to produce “magic & miracles” without sleight-of-hand techniques.

The deck was first created by Frederick W. Conradi and later marketed by Burling Hull (inventor of the Svengali Deck), but never gained popularity --- which most magicians consider a good thing.

The variety of tricks that can be done with the Mene-Tekel Deck has been demonstrated in the classic book: Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, in which an entire chapter was devoted to the deck. Effects such as:

* Controlling Several Cards     * Card into Pocket     * Card and Number     * One in Four

* The Pocket Rising Card    * Coincidence Mene-Tekel    * Cards and Slates

Once you become familiar with the standard Conradi deck, you can expand your working knowledge by studying the many varieties of the deck in use today (Rough, Non-Rough, Standard S&L, Combined R/B L&S).

For a comprehensive review of all Mene-Tekel Deck Types and unique preformance methods, see the book by Shawn Evans:

The Self-Contained Card Delivery System --- Mene Tekel Magic Maximized

Whichever version of the deck that you use is determined by your overall preference based on how you would like to handle the cards and your unique vision of what effects you would like to achieve. Exploring the various options allowed by different versions of the Mene-Tekel Deck will enhance your ability to "create" magical effects.

Each deck is made by the Mimesis Card Workshop to the following standards:

* All "shorting" modifications are adjusted to each deck’s unique printing proportions as “visually centered” to the frame-design.

* All edge work is done with a 1/8 corner rounder. We don’t “cut corners” by not rounding the corners or by using a cheap 5mm rounder.

* And if you don’t like the quality of the cards, I’ll prepare another deck or issue a refund.