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Thumb Tip Tips  brought to you by Mimesis Magic:

Question: " What type of thumb tip should you buy ? The plastic, the soft plastic or the vinly" ? Answer: The thumb tip(s) that you buy should be made based on your preference ( the feel, the texture) and the performance conditions. Example: When I do a bill switch, I prefer a plastic thumb tip because the bill packet slides out of the tip smoother than with a vinly type thumb tip.

Question: " What size thumb tip should you buy ? Answer: Again, the thumb tip that you buy should be made based on your preference (loose fit, tight fit, comfortable fit) and the performance conditions. Example: you can't produce or vanish a large silk with a small/short thumb tip. You have to get a larger type to hold the silk properly and still fit your thumb correctly.

Question: "Which tip is better -- more invisible" ? Answer: The proper use of any, yes any, thumb tip will render it invisible, undectable to the lay person.

Helpful information on types of thumb tips:

> Plastic Type : firm feel. Semi-flexable material. Pale flesh in color. the tip or finger can be molded to your thumb by soaking in hot water until soft for shaping and then dipping in cold water to harden.

> Plastic Soft Type: as as above but more flexable.

> Vinyl: Very soft feel and flexable. Color is more of a tan flesh; shades darker than the plastic.