The Card Workshop of Mimesis Magic


Who or what is the Mimesis Card Workshop? Well... it's one guy (Shawn Evans), with two hands and a few unique ideas.

Stand out from the crowd... have your special cards custom made.

At Mimesis Magic we have a workshop devoted to making custom cards --- gaffed cards, gimmicked cards, shimmed cards ,magnetic cards,split cards in all combinations:double backs, double faced, back or face split diagonal or horizontally --- you name it, we most likely can make it. If you need the special  cards for John Bannon's  STRANGER'S GALLERY or Alex Elmsley's DAZZLE, this is the place. 

*** PLEASE NOTEI do not print cards. I make custom gaffed & gimmicked cards from existing card stock, mainly using the method of "card splitting". 

To build your custom card(s) click: HERE 


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