In 1998, John Lovick's REPARATION was Magic's best selling manuscript. The booklet describes a stunning effect in which a spectator signs a card, the performers tears it into fourths, and then restores it visually piece by piece. This routine is considered the ultimate Torn & Restored Card effect.

In Reparation Remixed, Shawn Evans uses the gaffed REMIX card to create a unique twist on Lovick's rountine in which three pieces of the card are restored in the correct manner but the forth piece is restored reversed. The mismade card is given to the spectator as a souviner which ensures that when he recounts the miracle that he witnessed to his friends and family, he'll have a token that will visually show the torn & restored process.

Video links:


REPARATION REMIXED PERFROMANCE 2   (shows the third piece "hanging freely")

HOW TO MAKE THE REMIX CARD   (This card replaces the "signed' card in Lovick's routine).