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Instructional Videos and Information

This page contains on-line instructions for the tricks that I sell --- tricks that come with the needed props and passwords. 

There will be no Hollywood productions, no glitter nor neon lights and sad to say, no dancing girls --- only simple, to the point information --- just one man with two hands and a few ideas (& 3 dogs), leaning over a camera, sharing the magic. 


Notice:  If you come across an inactive video ("deleted by user"), send me an email ( --- I'll check the link to ensure that all is well. From time to time Youtube video links become inactive for various reasons. But don't worry, I'll get you the needed information as soon as possible --- Thanks.


> 50% Invisible & 50% Brainwave Deck

> 54 Locator Deck

> 4-Quarters Bill Restoration

> Real World Card Control Magic                                    

> JOAT Locator Card                                                                                                 

 > A BETTER "Fluid" Invisible Deck

> Brainwave "Fluid" Deck

> Bumping the Blindfold

> CLK Dime-thru-Penny Kard

> Dowser Cards

> Double-Lift Deck

> Drama Queen

> Evil Twin Card

> Fiedler's Flier

> Flash Matchbox, No-Switch

> Flash Pens

> Fraud Further

> Hyper Hoooole

> IDEA :Coin in Lightbulb

> Kriptonite Kards

> Interference

> MIRAGE Deck, FLUID Separation (Also, Multi-Mirage Deck)

> Magnetic & Shim Cards (for all types of shims & magnetic cards - AP Magnetic, Matrix Coin Card, ect.)

Mene-Tekel Decks- All variations.


Neither Here Nor Their JOKERS

No Sleight Delight

Misty "Smoke" Pen

On & Off Gimmick

> Pinky Pen

> PVC Card

> Pop-Eyed Popper Deck  and the Multi-Popper Deck

> (The) Perfect Peek

> Reparation Remixed   (No password needed)

R*A*C Card

> S*A*N*D    

>  SHORT Deck

> Secret Agent Card

> Secret Agent Card BOX


> SNUG Coin Card 


> Snug Super Seer

> SNUG Tuck Box  (Ideas & Tips by Phillip Tigue)

> SPOON MOLD   [Geeking Gallium Gaffs & Gimmicks]

> Slo-Motion Snug Card

> Squeeze Play

> Super Spinner


> Ultra Proof Prediction

> W*A*R Flash Pen

> Yin & Yang Premonition