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Re-lightable Burnt Matches

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Prod. Code: Re-Lite Matches (20ct)

Mimesis Magic presents: The Relight "Burnt" Matches

Yea, these are the hand-crafted matches that you heard about! 

The Relight "Burnt" Matches are made to appear as burnt. The matches will relight when struck against the stricking surface of the matchbox. Each match has a burnt/flamed stem with charcoal spotting. This is NOT a match that has been blackened with a marker. The reduced,small head is made to approximate the size of a burnt match. You can confidently hand this match to a spectator during your performance without any concern that they will suspect anything.

This item can be used solely as a trick to demonstrate how a "burnt" match can magically relight or as an enhancement tool for your favorite trick. During the presentation of your trick, you can light a regular match to "shine light on the moment", then secretly switch matches and "go back in time" --- proving such by relighting the 'burnt" match once again.

The RELIGHT MATCH can be lite 3 times: You take the "burnt" match (1X-- assumed to have been lite) and actually light it (2X) and blow it out, then touch it to a wad of flash paper -- the paper will flash and the flames will re-light the match (3X). 
Secret: When you blow-out any match, the inside of the tip still has enough heat to lite flash paper. So, it's just a matter of timing (within 3 seconds) to get any blown-out match to light flash paper and then to have the burst of flames to re-light the burnt match.
During the performance, you should patter about what you are doing because some spectators will miss the fact that you actually extinguished (blew-out) the match before touching it to the flash paper.

20 Relight "Burnt" Matches for $5.99 --- Tools For The Thoughtful Magician

Mimesis Matchbox included.