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Flash MatchBox --- No Switch

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Mimesis Magic presents: The Flash MatchBox --- no switch.

This matchbox has no visible switch ! Technically there is a switch which is embedded in the electronics inside the matchbox. This switching device turns on & off by way of a magnetic field. Which means that you wave a magnetic pen or wand over the matchbox and it will ignite a flash paper wad or packet sitting directly on the box.

This no-switch setup allows you to set the matchbox freely on a table. You then secretly  load a coin (or small object) into a flash paper fold / packet. Take the packet and pace it on top of the matchbox. Vanish a borrowed coin, wave a wand or pen over the matchbox and in a flash of fire the coin appears on top of the box. I personally like to light the flash paper by means of a magnetic half dollar. I've been told (but haven't yet seen) that  someone has worked out a method by way of using a magnetic Copper & Silver --- in the flash, the copper disappears from beneath the silver coin and reappears on the matchbox.

This box is designed for easy replacement of the battery and replacement of the ignitor fuse which can be reused 20 to 25 times before replacing.

Comes with detailed instructions on how to properly use, maintain and carry for real-world applications. Sent with an extra ignitor fuse.

1 year limited warranty --- replaced or fixed, no questioned asked.

Patent Pending