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32 Matches - Shimmed/Micro-nailed

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Yea... I know, you tried to make your own shim MATCHES with the tip of a needle, a bobbie pin, or a thick wire and in the failed process you nicked or cut yourself. In the end, you bought (if you could find a source) a couple of shimmed MATCHES for about $5. Well, now you can have a complete box of shimmed MATCHES (32 count) for less than $10.

Who needs shimmed matches? Answer: A thoughtful magician does. These MATCHES can be used in a PK effect to "disprove" the the use of a magnet. Also, with a RAVEN, you can light a MATCH, toss it into the air and with a wave of your hand, make it dissapear-- flame and all. A very cool (hot) effect.

       Each MATCH is shimmed on bottom edge --- but the shims are not visible!

These MATCHES are individually micro-nailed. You won't be able to tell the difference between these MATCHES and regular MATCHES without an x-ray machine. Even the bottom edge of the MATCHES do not show the shimming.

One box of 32 shimmed MATCHES. 

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