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Flash Matchbox - Micro Switch

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Mimesis Magic presents : The Flash MatchBox --- micro switch

Need to light flash paper ? It's not very magical to light flash paper with a plain match or pocket lighter. With this matchbox you can reach into your pocket, shake the matchbox and exclaim: "Oops, I'm out of matches". Then tap the corner of the matchbox to the flashpaper and magically it ignites. You can also place a match on the box (as displayed) and you have enough power (from inside the box) to light the match.

This box is designed for easy replacement of the battery and replacement of the ignitor fuse which can be reused 20 to 25 times before replacing.

Comes with detailed instructions on how to properly use, maintain and carry for real-world applications. Sent with an extra ignitor fuse.

1 year limited warranty --- replaced or fixed, no questioned asked.