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Misty "Smoke" Pen DIY

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Check out the photo. Which pen is gimmicked to secretly deliver "puffs" of smoke?  WATCH VIDEO 

Answer: It's the thin white pen!

This gimmicked utility pen holds about 500 puffs (that's right 500) of "smoke",which is actually vapor in the form of mist.

The pen is used to secretly load the mouth with smoke as a magical production to enhance an effect--- it will not deliver smoke in the hands.

This pen can be stored and carried safely because no flame is used. That's right, no flame, no heat, no burning of anything.

This is the unique pen as described in the unique book:

PRESTIGE PEN PROJECTS --- DIY Gimmicks: Flash, Smoke, PSI & Other Writing Instruments by S.C. Evans

Here's what you'll receive with this purchase:

* Detailed video-link instructions & and a PDF File on how to make [do-it-yourself] the Misty Smoke Pen --- which you can refill when needed.

* The performance instructions for the MISTY BURNT CARD close-up effect.

*** Not Sold To Minors due to being a tobacco product ***