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Post Card Prediction by Mimesis

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Mimesis Magic  Presents:


Post Card Prediction from The Past

This effect was a sellout for 3 consecutive weeks during demonstrations in Phoenix, Arizona.

At the beginning of the effect, a spectator is given an old Post Card that has a prediction. The Mentalist states that the Post Card is a time traveling device --- that it has traveled back and forth through time (as documented by the various stamps and post-dates) making predictions about the future. 

To prove such a claim, a group of borrowed coins (10,15,20 +) are assembled. Then the coins are randomly discarded by tossing heads or tails until one coin is remaining.

The Post Card is turned over revealing the denomination and DATE (!) of the last coin.


> One showpiece Post Card. The gimmick that comes with this card, allows for one type of prediction to be made but the special coating on the card makes it re-write-able, which allows you to customize your prediction for future preformances.

> Prediction is 100% everytime. No outs or forces.

> Special gimmick does all the work (Gimmick is custom made by Mimesis Magic)

> Any coins and any amount can be borrowed.

> Spectator tosses all coins throughout effect.

> Devious method for a clean ending -- which is setup at the beginning of the effect !

All post cards have old post marks (1937,1901,1807) and old stamps with a wonderful old age look --- because the post card has been sent back & forth  through time, as the patter goes. Well, it's a good explaination for all the missing mail !

To view close-ups of post mark dates, Click Here

If you purchase 1 or 100 of these Post Cards, all have been printed the same.The stamps are pasted on the cards after printing. The photos shown are true representations.

As with all Mimesis Magic effects, you will receive well written instructions on how to perform this effect.