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Post Card Prediction w/ Mentalist Calculator

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Postcard Prediction with Prediction Calculator

At the beginning of the effect, a spectator is given an old postcard that has a prediction. The Mentalist states that the postcard is a time traveling device --- that, it has traveled back and forth through time (as documented by the various stamps and post-dates) making predictions about the future. 

To prove such a claim, you have 3 to 4 spectators merely think of any 3 digit number (no forces). Each spectator privately enters their numbers into a calculator and the last spectator totals the numbers.

The postcard is turned over revealing that the calculator’s grand total number matches the handwritten number on the postcard.

Notes about the postcard:                                                                                                  

* One Post Card with one prediction is used. Even though the prediction is written in ink, you will be able to use different numbers for each performance if needed. You will receive instructions on a method (an old forger's trick) to use your card for a couple dozen of performances before you need a refill.

* Prediction on postcard is 100% every time. No outs or forces.

All post cards have old post marks (1937,1901,1807) and old stamps with a wonderful old age look --- because the post card has been sent back & forth  through time, as the patter goes. Well, it's a good explanation for all the missing mail !

To view close-ups of post mark dates, Click Here

If you purchase 1 or 100 of these Post Cards, all have been printed the same. The stamps are pasted on the cards after printing. The photos shown are true representations.

Notes about the calculator:

* Special gimmicked calculator does 95% work.

·         You can do a routine by having the spectators merely think of any 2 ,3 ,4 or 5 digit numbers. Once again, the calculator does all the work.


·         You can demonstrate how to use the calculator which controls for a successful performance and also shows that the calculator is “legit”.


·         No mathematical formulas used. The calculator’s hardware outputs the number that you want (up to 8 digits long).



·         This calculator is a high quality (Office brand) Compact Case with Fold–Over Cover, 8 Digit, Dual Power Calculator. This calculator was designed to be portable -- the type you would carry around if you needed the use of a calculator.

Of course, with all Mimesis Magic effects, you will receive well written instructions on how to perform this effect.

Dice in second photo not included.