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Mene-Tekel Deck - Bi-Color
Price: $9.95
Prod. Code: MTdeckB/R

Which version of the Mene-Tekel Deck that you use as a performer is determined by what you want to do with the deck in terms of possible effects and your overall perference, plus your use of creativity as applied to the handling of the deck. 

The Mene-Tekel Red & Blue (or Blue/Red) Back deck allows for:

* Coloring changing cards or color changing deck. 

* Having a prediction card (Red back) match a selected card from a Blue- back deck.


Available in Bicycle Rider Backs:

> Red & Blue: Top card of deck is RED, configured: traditional short/long.

> Blue & Red: Top card of deck is BLUE, configured: traditional short/long.

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