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Mene-Tekel Prediction Deck
Price: $12.55
Prod. Code: MT Prediction Deck (Bi-Color)

With this roughed Mene-Tekel Deck, the cards can be spread face-up for an open selection from a blue-back deck and then it's mate (a red-backed card) can be secretly palmed or stolen with a Mullica Wallet or prediction envelope. Thus, the  prediction card (red-back) matches the spectators selected card from a blue- back deck.

Watch the YouTube video: MENTAL MULLICA by Matthew Wright for performance handling of the Mene-Tekel Prediction deck.

Available in Bicycle Rider backs:

> RED PREDICTION DECK [ Roughed Red & Blue]: Top card of deck is RED and spreads as an all Red Deck [configured with no short cards]

> BLUE PREDICTION DECK [Roughed Blue & Red]: Top card of deck is BLUE and spreads as an all Blue Beck [configured with no short cards]. 

NOTE 1: This type of Mene-Tekel deck needs no short cards because the handling requires no riffle-shuffle and the design is to ensure that the hidden card of contrasting color remains concealed from view.

NOTE 2: A Roughed deck is also refered to as a "rough & smooth" deck]

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