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Price: $15.00
Prod. Code: hyperhole-Blue only

Hyper Hoooole --- the moving hole concept updated and automated.


The performer takes a playing card and pounches a hole in the card. It's a real hole that can be seen through. The hole visually moves from one point of the card to another point. The performer "moves" the hole or the hole can be seen to visually jump from one side of the card to the other side of the card. At the end of the routine the hole visually jumps to another card.


* The gimmick card does 95% of the work. Craftmanship backed by the Mimesis Card Workshop.

* The gimmick card is designed to be used in a signed-card routine or to be switched for a freely selected card.

Here's another reason that this is an outstanding purchase:

*** The gimmick card is warranted for life. That's right! If the card is damaged or just flat worn-out --- it will be replaced for a small handling and replacement fee. 

* The gimmick card comes with VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS.

Available in BLUE Bicycle Rider Backs.