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SNUG Coin Card

Price: $13.95
Prod. Code: snugcard

SNUG COIN CARD --- A Created &Crafted Effect by Shawn Evans

This utility card took me some time to create, but in the end it was a elegant design --- something to the effect of "squaring a circle".

> This video shows a true, exact representation of what this card can do:  WATCH VIDEO           The vi  

> This video shows consecutive, rapid-fire, coin penetrations: WATCH VIDEO 2

* This gimmick card allows for a highly visual penetration of coins-thru-cards type effects.

* This card is self-contained. No reset because the reset is automatic. The card uses no magnets or threads.

* The card can be shown on both sides.

* This card is a great creative tool for any Coins-Across or Coins-to Glass Effect.

Here's another reason that this is an outstanding purchase:

*** The gimmick card is warranted for life. That's right! If the card is damaged or just flat worn-out --- it will be replaced for a small handling and replacement fee.  

Available in Blue and Red Bicycle Rider Backs .

Snug Coin Card --- a unique and exclusive effect #50 and growing.

*** Note: The Snug Coin Card works as a single card and is sold as such.

If you want to use a second card (as shown in the video) to make a criss-cross pattern across the glass, you can make the simple gaffed card as explained in the video -- no, two Snug Cards won't work together, the second "support" card is designed entirely different.

If you want the version that I make (with an automatic re-settable flap), you can order the Snug Support Card at a discount price.