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Slow-Mo Snuggie Card

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Slow-Motion Snuggie Card -- A Created & Crafted Effect by Shawn Evans


Effect: A coin slowly melts through a playing  card. The effect starts by having the spectator feel the back of the card to ensure that there are no cuts, slots, slits, or trap-doors in the card. Then a coin is borrowed and the performer slowly pushes the coin thru the middle of the card --- the coin "melts through the card. Again, the spectator can feel the back of the card for any openings.

> The gimmicked card is a single unit. Ideal for coin tricks and card tricks. The card can be placed in the deck and forgotten until needed.

> No set-up or reset.

> Highly visual magic.

Available in Blue and Red Bicycle Rider Backs .

Tool for the Thoughtful Magician

Slow-Mo Snuggie Card ---Unique effect # 53 and growing.