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On & OFF Gimmick

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The On & OFF Gimmick is designed to be used with a card box (tuck case). It's a gimmick that will allow you to "magically" reveal a card on the card box by way of symbols (letters, numbers) or drawings.


> The gimmick is designed to be seen but not detected. No lighting issues.

> Resets in 5 to 10 seconds. The primary set-up (1 minute) can be set for two reveals.

> This system uses only one pen (marker). Yes, only one type marker is used. Marker is included with purchase.

> Comes with VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS , In & Out Gimmick (you will also learn how to make your own gimmick). Plus, you will  learn how to make your own "sugar card" as seen in the video.

Available in Red Rider Backs. Supply your own cards and card box.


On & Off Gimmick --- a unique and exclusive effect #56 and growing....