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Secret Agent Card

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The Secret Agent Card is an information retrieval system (pressure sensitive) built into a single playing card and this card is no thicker than a regular card. Just place the card on top of your deck of cards and attach a 3M Post-It Note or a slip of small notebook paper. Have the spectator write down their freely thought-of-card on the post-it note, which they place in their pocket and then you, as the mentalist / magician will be able to secretly retrieve the spectator's written information and make a prediction on which card they thought of.

To retrieve the spectator's written information, you simply shuffle the deck and get the Secret Agent Card to the bottom. From this position you can clearly spy the results. no fumbling, no placing the deck behind your back or leaving the room.

This effect is based on a trick I purchased in 1978 (can't remember the name). The effect worked but the major flaw was that the pressure sensitive retrieval device was built into the card case and it took up one-third of the space. Which meant that the card case would only hold about 30 cards. Not every good if you wanted to proceed with a routine requiring a full deck of playing cards.

This card can be placed in a deck and forgotten. You may never know it's there.

As with all Mimesis Effects, you will receive well written instructions on how to utilize this "marvel of a card" and the numerous effects that can be accomplished with it.

Mike Martin; "First of all, I was fooled by the effect. Secondly, I couldn't find the gaff when I was told what to look for. This gaffed card is a marvel of design and craftmanship."

Each card handcrafted by Shawn C. Evans of the Mimesis Card Workshop.

Available in Bicycle Rider Blue Back or Red Back