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R*A*C Gimmick

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 R*A*C : Made by the Mimesis Card Workshop ( a Created & Crafted by S.C. Evans)


The Retention Appearance Card is basically a self-contained, portable card gimmick that allows for deceptive card switching by using the optical illusion of “continuity of vision”.

This sturdy card can be fitted & re-fitted into a wallet, pouch and even an envelope.

The card is ideal for creating the following effects:

> Signed Card to Wallet

> Freely Chosen Card to Wallet

> Revealing a prediction card

This card can be used by performers of various skill levels: from those who can palm a card, to those who can openly “steal & conceal” a card and then even those who desire to use a Mene-Tekel Deck to eliminate most of the sleights.

Gimmick converts to either Blue or Red Rider Back.

Tool for the Thoughtful Magician

R*A*C --- a unique and exclusive effect # 54 and growing.