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Snug Tuck Box- Standard

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SNUG UTILITY TUCK BOX- NEW Standard Design --- a Created & Crafted effect by Shawn Evans

The Snug Utility Tuck Box now comes in the new Standard Design (Red or Blue tuck cases)

***  Ring to Tuck Box ***

WATCH VIDEO  (Video Shows Classic Design Only)

Effect: At anytime during the performer's routine, a borrowed finger ring vanishes and is found inside a closed card case. The closed case (tuck box) has been in view from the start of the routine and the borrowed ring is actually seen (and is) inside the tuck case.

* This tuck case is gimmicked to allow easy loading of small objects (quarter size coins and finger rings).

* The special tuck case has no set-up, totally self-contained and always ready to be loaded. This is NOT a box with a slit in it. This box trulely has a "trap door" that automatically opens and re-shuts --- instant reset.

MATRIX ROUTINES: Coins (signed if desired) can be made to vanish and appear in the card box.

* The card box can be handled freely and openingly without the dectection of the gimmick.

* Designed after the SNUG COIN CARD.


* This box can be used to secretly reveal the identity of a selected card! Yep that's right. If an unknown card is placed in the card box for "safe keeping", it's identity can be peeked by simply picking up the box.

Tuck box available in Standard Blue (RED SPADE) or Standard Red (Blue Spade) Bicycle Rider Back.