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Coin PVC 2-CARD Set

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 Coin Production / Vanish Card --- featured in the book: Matrix Multiplyers for Magicians --- Gimmick Cards & Coins

With these cards, you can produce or vanish a quarter per card any time during a MATRIX routine. You can use an Ultra-T Kennedy half dollar with this set. For more info, Click Here.

During a MATRIX routine, you can use the PVC card (which has been in play all the time) to vanish a quarter and openly show both sides of the card. Then you can have the quarter appear with a flick of the card or under any other PVC card.

No palming needed. Card does 95% of the work.


* The PVC is a single card. The edges or borders on this card are not slotted, slit, or opened in anyway.

* The PVC can be shown face-up or face-down, along with all side edges without the gimmicked part of the card being detected. This card can be placed in a deck and forgotten.

* The PVC cards are in play duriing the entire MATRIX routine and can be "activated" to vanish or produce a coin per card.

The set of 2 cards come with detailed instructions--- use your own quarters or half dollars.

Available in Bicycle Rider Blue Back or Red Back Court cards [random selection - I pick the cards]. 

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