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Left-Handed Mnemonica Deck

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Prod. Code: Left Handed Mnemonica

This Mnemonica Deck is marked for left-handed users.

The deck comes in two options:

> Left Reverse -- If you notice the numerical marking for right-handed decks, the 2-digit number (35) is staggered so that the 3 is hidden in the "curl" section of the design and the 5 is slightly elevated to sit in the "cup" section of the design. This feature is maintained for left-handed decks by basically reading the numer in reverse. Some users prefer this font type because the 3 easily shows first in position during a narrow thumb-riffle.

> Left Regular -- This font type is done in the standard numerical placement of 2-digit numbers.

Available in Blue or Red Rider backs. 

This item is a Mimesis custom-made product and will take 3-5 days to process before shipping.