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The W*O*A Box

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The WOA Box [Wide Open Access] is an utility tuck box that has a "sliding door" that opens wide to allow access to the SPADE side of the box. This utility item can be used as a replacement tuck box for the rising card effects that need open access to the internal mechanics of a tricked deck.


* This gimmicked tuck box is made from 3 actual Bicycle Classic tuck cases. Empty, classic tuck cases sale for $3 to $5 a piece when you can find them.

* The hidden door (with a push of the thumb) slides all the way to the middle of the tuck box.

* Small objects can be secretly loaded and unloaded into the box. Great for ring-to-box type of effects.

* Great for viewing / spying the bottom-most card (or top card of a marked deck) of a deck placed in the tuck case.

* This gaffed box has a completely different design and construction from my SUPER SEER tuck box.

Available in Bicycle Classic RED or BLUE. Each tuck box comes with a regular matching deck.