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S*A*N*D Gaff Deck

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 S*A*N*D by the Mimesis Card Workshop

This deck of 52 gaffed playing cards has the physical conditions of a normal deck of cards when left alone. Yet, when this deck is combined with regular cards, you have a powerful magic making tool. Specifically, when any regular card(s) is inserted into the SAND deck or when any SAND card(s) is placed into a regular working deck, you as a performer have a multipurpose utility tool(s) to create endless effects --- all the classic effects possible with short cards, narrow cards, long cards, key cards and Locator card applications.

With this versatile deck, you can:

* Force any card. Instructions for the guaranteed Stop-Drop Force included.

* Control a single card or multiple cards.

* Easily cut to any four-of-a-kind.

* Perform cutting to a number or calling the weight of any group of cards.

* Perform the classic Oil and Water effect or its variations.

* When combined with a regular deck, you can use the SAND cards to make a temporary Svengali deck or Mene-Tekel Deck.

S*A*N*D = Short And Narrow Deck

Available in Red or Blue Bicycle Rider Backs. Instructions included.