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 Mimesis Magnetic Deck Changing Card Box

This is a Magnetic Deck Changing Card Box. This card box is a self-contained unit. The box's concealed gimmick can't been seen on the outside of the box and it can't be seen on the inside of the box.

Main Effect: The Performer takes out a Blue Bicycle Card box. As he removes the cards, the deck is mismatched --- it's a Red -Backed Deck ( the top 3 or 4 cards are shown). No problem, the Magician rubs or taps the blue card box onto the red deck and instantly the deck changes to a completely normal blue-backed deck of cards that can be used immediately for other effects. Plus, after the color change, the card box can be shown on both sides. Or, if you want, you can start with a blue-backed deck and change it into a red-backed deck.

Virtually no reset. No sticky glue, no tape, no wax used.

This ulitilty box can be used in numerous effects:

1. PK Effects: With a PK Magnet, this box can be made to mysteriously "move" & "float".

2. Magnetic Coins & Steel Core Coins can be secretly loaded or unloaded without a reset.

3. Playing Cards can be secretly loaded or unloaded onto the deck of playing cards. Great for color-changing single cards. Show a Queen of Hearts, wave the box over the card and instantly it changes into a Two of Clubs. No palming needed.

This deck is a self contained gimmick which comes with a deck color-changing gimmick and a complete matching deck.

Available in Blue and Red Bicycle Rider Backs .

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