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Super Seer Card Box

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 Mimesis Super Seer Bicycle Card Box

The Mimesis Super Seer Bicycle Card Box is a highly gimmicked utility- card –box that allows you to create numerous effects:

Magician Fooler Effect:A regular deck of cards is handed to a Spectator while the Cardician turns his back during the entire presentation. The Spectator freely cuts the deck (at any location), completes the cut and remembers the cut-to-card. Then the Spectator is instructed to bury the selected card back into the deck at any location. Yes, any location! Finally, the Spectator is instructed to place the deck of cards back into the card box and close it. The Cardician turns around and without opening the card box, the Cardician immediately knows the selected card --- which can be revealed in any manner desired. This effect is a true Magician Fooler as described and a real mind- bender (for those who think they may know the method) when the same effect is performed at the start of the trick with the 2 Jokers being discarded and placed face down in the box and then the deck being placed face down on top of the Jokers as the box is being closed!

Key Card Effects: This utility-box is perfect for key- card effects and any effect using stacks.

Coin Effects: You can secretly load coins into this closed, empty card box --- pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters and half dollars.


  • This gimmicked Bicycle brand card box is a self-contained unit --- just place your deck of cards into the box and forget having to do any type of set-up. At any time during your routine, this utility box can be used. No reset needed. Great for pocket management --- nothing is added or taken away from this utility box. Why carry a regular box when you can carry a powerful tool that will enable you to perform numerous miracle class effects.
  • This utility box can be shown on all sides, openly placed on a table with any side up or down, and more so, freely handled by Spectators during presentation. Remember: they do place the deck back into the card-box and close it. This card-box was handled by 15 experienced Magicians and no one found a clue or hint of it’s secret during the preformed routine.
  • This gimmicked card box is made from actual Bicycle Rider Back card- box stock.
  • This card- box used in conjunction with the Mimesis Mnemonic Deckhas fooled the best Magicians, Mentalist and Cardicians in the industry --- no exaggeration! The effect is one in which the deck is freely shuffled and placed back into the card-box after the Magician “memorizes” the deck within 10 seconds. The name of each card is called-out FIRST, THEN REMOVED FACE DOWN and revealed (turned over) correctly. The instructions for this combined effect are included as an added BONUS.

“Shawn ,I finally fooled a group of my fellow magicians with your x-ray box and routines. I now know what TOOLS FOR THE THOUGHTFUL MAGICIAN really means. Thanks again.” Thomas Coleman

Available in Red or Blue Bicycle Rider Back Decks (The box comes with a matching regular deck).

Tools For The Thoughtful Magician

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