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Mimesis Master GAFF Deck

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 The 56- Mimesis Master Deck by Mimesis Magic

This deck consists of 56 Gaffed Cards for individual effects and card packet tricks. 

All cards are factory printed, poker size Bicycle Rider Backs by the USPCC.

The following is a breakdown of the entire deck (BB=Blue-Back, RB=Red-Back):

20 Reverse Printed Royal Flush & Color Change Cards: (Spades & Clubs are RED and Hearts & Diamonds are Black)

2 Traveling Angels On Bikes (BB)

2 Center Splits: 6H / 4C (RB & BB)

2 Center Splits: 9H / AD (RB & BB)

1: 14-Of-Spades

1: 3&1/2 Of Clubs

1: 15-Of-Diamonds

1: 52-On-One Card (RB or BB)

3 Half & Half Splits: 10-Clubs / RB (Both sides)

1 Diagonal Split: 10-Spades w/RB (Joker face)

2 Double Backs: Red / Red

2 Double Backs: Blue / Blue

2 Double Backs: Blue / Red

4 Double Blanks (blank on both sides)

4 Blank Face (2RB & 2BB)

4Blank Backs with faces (random selection)

4 Double Faces (faces on both sides), random selection for faces


Refer to photos for visual information.

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There may be some variations in the mixing of BB or RB per deck as listed above.

All photos, descriptions and breakdown listing are the property of Shawn C. Evans.

Copyright 2007 by Shawn C. EvansAll rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Published in the UnitedStates by Mimesis Magic, LLC. Mimesis Magic reserves all commercial rights to the tricks and apparatus described within this book. Any transgression of those rights will be prosecuted.