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Mimesis Mnemonic

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If you already perform a Cut TO ANY CARD CALLED FOR or ANY CARD AT ANY NUMBER, the Mimesis Mnemonic deck will help in the execution of locating any card in the deck.

This deck is "print marked" for position (marked with numbers only) instead of suit or value . Which means that you only have to make the translation once and with a thumb riffle you will be able to rapidly find the called-for-card. No need to edge crimp cards to signify card positions. No guessing or estimating a card's position in the deck --- you will be able to know exactly the position / location of each card.

The print markings are "in plain sight".The markings are "print marks", no scatch marks or juice shading used. Of course this deck can be used in the same fashion as any marked deck -- once the stack has been lost, other "marked" effects can be performed.

This deck is print- shop printed for the Tamariz Mnemonica stack .This deck can be custom made for left-hand users and other Memorized Stacks. Send me an email at:Shawn@mimesis-magic.com
*** This deck is for those who are familiar with Memorized Deck Systems.
For general purpose instructions, CLICK HERE
Available in Blue and Red Bicycle Rider Backs. 

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