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Perfectbound, 180 pages, Glossy Covers.

This unique book is about a special group of alloys (safe & non-toxic) that can be used to create numerous magical effects, from vanishing (or bending or penetrating) a spoon, to mentally melting coins in the hands of spectators – even card peeks and locations using gallium.

All of the listed effects are constructed in the psychology and techniques of Max Malini (the greatest impromptu magician of all time), designed for thoughtful magicians, playful pranksters and curious minded individuals. Each novel application is presented in easy-to-understand details and do-it-yourself projects. 



Chapter 1: Gallant Gallium

Chapter 2: Gallium Generalities

Chapter 3: Gallium Gaffs / Gimmicks

Chapter 4: Geek Gallium / LMP Alloys

Chapter 5: Cool Headed Newton

Chapter 6: Get Gallium

Chapter 7: Spoon Specifics & Etiquette 

Chapter 8: Malini’s Master Method

Chapter 9: The Classic Disappearing Spoon

Chapter 10: The Invisible Spoon

Chapter 11: The Penetrating Spoon

Chapter 12: The Penetrating & Restored Spoon

Chapter 13: Tuning into a Shrinking Spoon

Chapter 14: Spoon Boy Prediction              

Chapter 15: Mental Melt Medallion

Chapter 16: Hitched Ring & String

Chapter 17: Coke Can Crush & Crumble

Chapter 18: Utility: Gambler’s Gallium

Chapter 19: Gallium Grid Marking

Chapter 20: Goofing with Gallium

Chapter 21: Ready-Made Molds

Chapter 22: DIY Molds

Chapter 23: Portable Temp Control Devices

Appendix A: Supporting Materials

Appendix B: MSDS

**** The purchase of this book includes not 20 grams, but 40 grams of pure Gallium!