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Techno-Tactile Card Marking Techniques for Cardicians + Gaffed Cards

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Techno-Tactile Card Marking Techniques for Cardicians – Taking the Punch Out of Punch Work

*** Learn how to easily identify cards without looking at the deck or to do so truly blindfolded ***

The purpose of this book is to literally and figuratively take the “punch out of punch-work” by introducing, for the first time, new-wave techniques and materials for touch-marking cards meant for the magician looking to develop his repertoire.

In the realm of performance magic, playing cards gaffed with touch-telling characteristics are powerful tools that can open up a world of possibilities for any card conjurer, regardless of skill level.


Chapter 1: First to the Punch

Chapter 2: Rough Nick to Precise Prick

Chapter 3: Pick Your Punch

Chapter 4: New Wave D-I Punch Work

Chapter 5: New Wave L-P Punch Work

Chapter 6: Punch Placement

Chapter 7: Scott / Marlo Punch Card

Chapter 8: Nelson Punch Card

Chapter 9: Snug Presto Punch Card

Chapter 10: Bumping the Blindfold

Chapter 11: Every Other Punch Deck

Chapter 12: Snug PS-Deck

Chapter 13: Tactile 54 Locator Deck

Chapter 14: Key Levels of Impossibility

Chapter 15: The JOAT Locator

Chapter 16: The Foundation Card

Chapter 17: New-Wave Edge Work

Chapter 18: Punch Tuck Box

Chapter 19: Template Card

Chapter 20: Get in Touch


[Book: Soft-Bound, Glossy Covers, 112 pages. Published: 11/2016]

The purchase of this book includes 2 gaffed Snug Presto Punch Cards (1, red & 1 blue Bicycle Rider backs).This new-wave punch card is unique in that it can be utilized for the following:

·        * Employed as a master punch card to quickly make other punched cards.

·        * A gimmick to spin cards for a whirl-wind effect.

·        * Used to make an instant breather / Locator card for an impromptu card revelation (see chapter 10).