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Hyper Houdini Handcuff Hacks

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 Book: glossy covers, softbound, 116 pages – over 190 COLOR illustrations.

“Thanks. Having read your wonderful book, I now consider myself to be an expert on hacking handcuffs, without a doubt” – Mike Martin

“Beyond the handcuffs, your book is a study in sheer creativity” – N. Denton

“Wow, I thought I knew handcuffs. Now, I really do know their secrets. Thanks.” – S. Williams

This book details the newest, never-before-seen- methods to creatively hack handcuffs.

* Learn 5 creative ways to hack handcuffs with a deck of playing cards - yes, with a deck of cards!

* On stage, learn the secrets to immediately passing your cuffed hands through your body – from front to back and back to front again.

* Learn how to create a handcuff hack using a smart phone.

* Learn how to hack open handcuffs with a simple string or fishing line!

* Learn how and when you can shim open double-locked cuffs.

* Learn new updates to opening handcuffs with a drinking straw.

* Learn how to easily pick double-lock cuffs with household materials.

* Learn how to escape from cuffs butt naked.

* Learn how to hack HIPS handcuff keys for personal enhancements.

* Learn the tools needed to accelerate your handcuff hacking skills.

* Learn ground-breaking detent exploits to manipulated double-locked cuffs

And most importantly, learn the overall secrets of Mental over Metal.

Chapter 1: Handcuff Harangue

Chapter 2: Nose Picking

Chapter 3: Picks & Power Picking Points

Chapter 4: Permissible Proxy Picks

Chapter 5: Shim Slipping Secrets

Chapter 6: Scarecrow Hack

Chapter 7: Hacking Cuffs with Playing Cards

Chapter 8: DIY Strong Strength Shims

Chapter 9: Ready-Made HC Hack

Chapter 10: Key Peg & Detent Exploits

Chapter 11: Flash Attack

Chapter 12: C-note Cuff Caper

Chapter 13: Getting Hip with HIPS

Chapter 14: Pipe Cleaner Camouflage Hack

Chapter 15: Smart Phone Hack

Chapter 16: RSH Padlock Hack

Chapter 17: A&D Hidden Cuff Key

Chapter 18: Bare Dare

Chapter 19: Everlasting Escape