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CTW: A Magical Look

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Card Through Window - A Magical Look at the Other Side of the Glass / A Study in Magic Theory and Application by Shawn C. Evans

Book: Perfect bound, large 6"x9" format: color photos, e-links, detailed illustrations and diagrams.

This book will take the student of magic on a magical journey to the other side of the glass, providing for an extensive study in magic theory as well as application --- all from the perspective of the classic Card through Window effect.

As a beginner, intermediate or advance student, you’ll learn the general framework for implementing your vision and the specific conceptual tools that you need to construct, refine and customize any magic effect (trick or illusion) to fit who you are as a performer.

This book explains the overall dynamics of magic: misdirection, audience management, presentation, patter, performance psychology, degrees of deception, group dynamics and the list goes on.

But that’s all theory. Yet this book also nails down the mechanics, the nuts and bolt of various methods and techniques with details, real-world insights, hard-learned feedback along with illustrations (gaffs, gimmicks and sleights), diagrams, photos and video links.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Basic CTW Effect

Description – Explanation- Misdirection- Traveling

Card/ Card to Impossible Location

Chapter 2 : History of: A Card in Flight

Jinx Magazine- Bob Hummer-The Hummer card-

CTW Potentials & Questions

Chapter 3: Conceptual Framework

Tool: 1- 5Ws & 1-H (Why/Vision, When/Closer,

Who/Group dynamics, Where/window types &

architecture) Tool: 2- The 6Ps Framework:

Presentation & Personality (Houdin, Sankey/bending)-

Patter(Chitchat, Storytelling & Theatrics,

Choice words, Mental pictures, Hypnotherapy,

Rubbing a Coin into Elbow)People Psychology (Body

language & behavior, Observations & feedback,

Neuroscience, Attention management, False take,

Human nature)- Practice & Performance (Dry run,

Quts, C. Hopkins), Tool: 3- KISS Formula (Tommy

Wonder, Simplicity, Magic Ranch, Short card)

Chapter 4 : Theme Variations

Video/Showcase of the Best – Signed CTW- Torn

Corner CTW – Wrong to Right CTW/ Prediction

effects/ David Stone video – Color Change

CTW/Color Change Effects – Back to Face CTW/

Build suspense- Re-Stored CTW

Chapter 5 : CTW Methods

Four categories: (1) Plants – (2) Assistants - (3)

Gimmicks, Gaffs & Apparatus- 4) Sleights –Limiting

Factors/ Skill set/ Resources/Working conditions

Chapter 6 : Method 1: Plants

Placement (non-plant)- Spectator Assisted

Placement/Card shield- Performer Plant (non-

gimmicked) / Time/ Location/ Structural

Angles- Disguised Cards/Camouflage- Street Magic

/Directional approach-Framing performance space

Chapter 7: Method 2: Assisted Plant

Real time plant- Assisted No-force Method /No

sleights/ Card indexing system- Café setting, in-side &

out-side/ Delayed response/ Space management/

Blocking angles/ Dispatcher (Stooge card control) /

Pick pocket

Chapter 8: Method 3: Gimmicks, Gaffs & Apparatus

Visual magic- Limitations of use- Gimmicked card

design/ magnets, flaps &shims- Gimmick examples/

Instructions & diagram- Neodymium magnets/

Grades/ Sizes- Ready Card Utility Setup/

Modified shirt & fake button/ Cardholder system-

Apparatus & Mechanical Devices (MDDs)/

Electro-mechanical/ Remote activation- Visual vs.

Implied magic

Chapter 9: Method 4: Sleights for Impromptu Performances

Card cluster- Basic card sleights (Card spread, Forcing

methods, Overhand Shuffle & Control) - Advance card

sleights (Palming/ Removal, Gamblers Cop,

Tilt move/ Depth illusion, Back Palm / CTW


Chapter 10:Types of Windows

Fixed vs. Operable- Single pane / double pane- Classic

double hung - Casement- Horizontal slider- Awning-

Jalousie-Hooper- Tilt turn Round top- Bow- Seamless

bent glass corner- Bay- Glass block

Chapter 11: Adhesives- Types and Usage

Residue / Visibility- Magician’s wax- Double sided

tape/Court card designs-Scotch Restickable Glue

Stick / Elmer’s Repositional Glue- ZIG 2 Way Glue-

Glue Card construction- Prepping & planting

Chapter 12: Misdirection Techniques

Quotes/Tommy Wonder/Jean Hugard- Debate-

Practical definition- Applied to CTW effects-

Misnomer- Stream of attention- Various techniques-

Mental maneuvers