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Real World Card Control Magic

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Real- Control World Card Magic- The Locators (Mnemonic Module of Moves)

Book comes with over 30 minutes of Video instructions

For a limited introductory offer, this book comes with two utility gaff cards that are exclusive to

Mimesis Magic: The J*O*A*T Card and the J*O*A*T PLUS  [ONE OF EACH CARD]

This book (perfect bound, large 6"x9" format) explains in detail the true, tried and tested card control methods (basic moves & gaffs) that professional magicians use in real performance situations --- "the real stuff, not the fluff".

While performing for the big money and a regular audience, professionals don’t leave much to chance. The working conditions, whether it’s an inside or outside environment, may cause sweaty hands (too hot & humid), stiff fingers (too cold) or dry hands (overly warm). These conditions are anticipated by simplifying a routine for real-world applications / preventions, such as the use of gaff cards as utility devices.

The MODULE of MOVES system developed by the author will bring your card magic to the next level with clear and concise instructions on the basic moves and utility gaffs needed for creating real-world card magic.


Chapter 1:

Card Controls – Definitions- Real world controls -Gaffs & Systems – Working conditions.

Chapter 2:

Key Card Principle – Classic effect – Method- Layers of deception.

Chapter 3:

The Locator Card – Definition- Modifications – Properties & Location Techniques (How to) – Limitations – Impromptu Methods.

Chapter 4:

Types of Locators – Long Card – Short Card – Thick Card – J*O*A*T Card.

Chapter 5:

Mnemonic Modules of Moves – Learning- Sequencing-Improvising- Creativity- Execution- Customization- The System: A-G.

Chapter 6:

Module of Moves- Module A/TOP-(A1) Simple cut (A2) Overhand shuffle control- (A3) Single undercut- (A4) Multiple undercuts- Module B/Bottom- (B1) Overhand shuffle control- (B2) Break control-Module C/Center- (C1) Double cut- (C2)Swing cut move- (C3) Swing cut to Key card position- Module D/Undercuts (D1) Single Undercut- (D2) Multiple undercuts- Module E/Pausing- Module F /False cut, Flourishes, Forces-Simplified Force- Evans False Overhand Shuffle- Evans Overhand False Shuffle