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 Build Your Own Psychic Calculator and Various Mentalist Tricks by Shawn C. Evans

*** Do-It-Yourself: “Trick-Out” Your Calculator ***

This book is perfect-bound, large format: 6x9, 56 pages. (Book and packaging weighs 7 oz.)

With a Psychic Calculator you can create endless mind-reading, prediction, and magic effects --- a Mentalist dream come true.

Don’t pay up to $300 or more for a Mentalist or Psychic Calculator when you can make your own in less than 30 minutes, for under $10 (including the price of the calculator!), plus the use of just a few common household items. No knowledge of electronics needed --- just the proper know-how.

This book will give you the “details in detail” with over 20 step-by-step photos and illustrations that will guarantee your success.

Beyond a do-it-yourself project, this book has unique chapters on cell phone hacks, impromptu calculator magic, mental math feats, and mental magic effects with playing cards. Numerous effects, such as:

The Prediction Effect, Impromptu Prediction, The 48 Card Trick, Card at Any Number (CAAN), Jumping to the Front of the Line, Two’s Company and Three’s a Crowd, From Heaven to Hell, Topsy-Turvy Sixes, Numbers-Numbers Everywhere, Interactive 37 & 9 Trick, and the 3 By 5 Trick.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Prediction Number Effect

Chapter 2: Choosing a Pocket Calculator

Chapter 3: Modifying the Calculator

Chapter 4: Performance & Set-up

Chapter 5: Other Psychic Calculator Effects

Chapter 6: Simulating a Normal Calculator

Chapter 7: Impromptu Performances

Chapter 8: Calculator Mental Magic

Chapter 9: Smart Phone Hacks: TOX

May your deceptions dare to dazzle and delight” --- Shawn C. Evans

Tools for the Thoughtful Magician

Build Your Own Psychic Calculator Book --- a unique and exclusive effect # 55 and growing.