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Mimic Money Methods

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MIMIC MONEY METHODS---The Magic of Bill Gaffing by Shawn Evans

Book: Published: 10-17-2012, Perfect Bound, Glossy Covers, 51 detailed pages.

This one-of-a-kind book reveals the various methods for gaffing Mimic Bills to create unique magical effects --- transformations, restorations, transportations and mentalist tricks.

Just as the Card Worker can create card miracles by secretly having one duplicate card in the deck, the Close-Up Performer can create magic wonders by employing a matching dollar bill (as verified by the serial numbers).

Terms: Mimic Money is a set of two bills consisting of a slave bill that is gaffed to match the serial numbers on a master bill in order to create magical effects.

This book contains 3 main methods for gaffing Mimic Money --- Standard Template (U.S dollar bills & older currencies), How to make a Custom Template (for most Foreign bills & newer U.S. bills) and the All Purpose Graph Template (for free-style, symbols and graphics).

Unique effects / bills: Mis-Made Merge Mash, Mimic Steroid Mis-Made Bill, Mimic Mesmerizing Bill and the Mimic Google Bill.



Chapter 1: Various Mimic Money Methods

Chapter 2: Mimic Money System & Standard Template

Chapter 3: Custom Template for Other Currencies

Chapter 4: All Purpose Graph Template Method

Chapter 5: Mis-Made Bill & Beyond

Chapter 6: Mimic Mesmerizing Bill

Chapter 7: Mimic Google Bill

Ending Chapter

This purchase contains the book and the software file (WORD) for the Standard Template. Requirements: Average Home Computer System (PC or Mac).

Disclaimer: The contents of this book are for informational and magic entertainment purposes only. The responsibility for the use of any and all information contained in this book is strictly and solely that of the user.