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Psychic On Wheels

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Title: Psychic On Wheels --- DIY Series #3 Creative Applications


POW is the Mentalist’s PAL.

POW (Psychic On Wheels) is DIY Series #3, were you will learn the novel application of using a small motorized toy car to find a freely selected or forced card. No major modifications required, no knowledge of electronics needed --- just the proper know-how.

Main Effect: 

POW will travel over a row of cards and directly stop on the spectator’s selected card. POW will also follow freshly drawn curving lines (road) to a row of cards and will automatically stop on the chosen card. 

The wonderful Dick Koornwinder is credited as the first magic creator to use a wooden toy card (non- motorized & non-electronic) to help “locate” a card selection. In POW’s unique presentation, the car actually drives on top of a row of cards (or follows a drawn path) and stops directly on top of the selected card. 

For a Do-It-Yourself investment of $10 or less, you can have the electronic version of a Koornwinder Kar.