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Deceptions That Dare To Dazzle & Delight

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Deceptions That Dare To Dazzle And Delight – The Magic of Mimesis Vol.1

Perfect Bound, Glossy Covers, 182 pages, 12/2012.

* Definition of DARE

1: An act or instance of daring.

2: Imaginative or vivacious boldness.

As you read this book, “may your deceptions dare to dazzle and delight”. May you find the imagination and boldness to take the mechanics of the tricks herein and find the dynamics to make them dazzle and delight.

In this book, you’ll learn a diverse range of unique close-up and mental magic effects --- discover how to use a GPS Card with strategic roughing techniques, how to pre-stack a deck that can be freely shuffled, accomplish the pen-thru-bill trick with a borrowed pen, learn how to visually move the profile on a coin, create a deck with 54 Locators, apply a frixion- twist on the classic TA effect, acquire the ability to echo the thoughts of a spectator, use a floating tea bag to reveal a selected card, craft a tuck case for stack-work, make a force deck with 6 target cards, learn a no-sleight cards-to-sealed-decks routine, entertain with a 15 minute dinner table routine, multiply large numbers with the slot formula and learn how to actualize code words to identify card selections.



Chapter 1: The 54 Locator Deck 

Chapter 2: Jack the One-Eyed Seer 

Chapter 3: Heal Bill 

Chapter 4: Fraud Plus 

Chapter 5: Mind Find 

Chapter 6: Invisible Echoing 

Chapter 7: GPS Card Locator 

Chapter 8: Stuck on Six 

Chapter 9: The 3 By 5 Trick 

Chapter 10: Science Fiction with Frixion [Phoenix Angels] 

Chapter 11: Angel Dream Catcher 

Chapter 12: Sparkle, Jell-o, Snow, Wine & Space-Time 

Chapter 13: Super Seer Bicycle Card Box 

Chapter 14: Blue & Red Fliers 

12/2012, 182 pages.