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The Self-Contained Card Delivery System

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The Self-Contained Card Delivery System --- Mene Tekel Magic Maximized 

“Man’s mind stretched to a new dimension never goes back to its original position.”

Few know the simple mechanics of the forgotten Mene-Tekel deck and even fewer know its real secrets. This book reveals the deck’s true potential as a Self-Contained Card Delivery System, a Pseudo-Copying Machine and a YIN / YANG Premonition Setup that would make Hofzinser proud.

All know variations of the Mene-Tekel are systematically discussed in exacting detail, along with the corresponding card presentations, selections, and handlings per gaffed deck. Also included are DIY chapters on mene-tekel card gaffing.



Chapter 1: History: The Name Game

Chapter 2: The Concept of Duplicate Pairs

Chapter 3: Short / Long vs. Long / Short Configuration

Chapter 4: Handlings for the Svengali Hybrid

Chapter 5: Multiple Card Selections

Chapter 6: The Blue / Red Set-up

Chapter 7: Rough & Ready

Chapter 8: Non- Gaffed Arrangements

Chapter 9: Variations on the Theme – Jazz Deck

Chapter 10: Marked & One-Way

Chapter 11: Self-Contained Card Delivery System

Chapter 12: The Pseudo-Copy Concept

Chapter 13: In & Out Tuck Case

Chapter 14: Yin / Yang Setup

Chapter 15: DYI Short Cards & Corner Rounding

Chapter 16: DYI Card Roughing Techniques

Glossary of Card Presentations: Selections & Handlings

Perfect Bound, Glossy Covers, 98 pages.

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