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The Better FLUID Invisible Deck - Riders

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The Invisible Deck made by the Mimesis Card Workshop is designed for "fluid separation" of the target card from the key card, which means that you don't have to struggle with or look arkward trying to do the separation technique. kk


The Invisible Deck is considered one of the best card effects of all times. It's an effect that beginners can master in no time and a classic performance piece that professionals rely on for maxium impact every time.

Classic effect:

The performer "displays" two decks of playing cards --- one visible and one invisible (can only be seen with one's imagination). The performer hands the "invisible deck" to the specator and instructs him to shuffle the cards and to turn one of the imaginary cards face down in the imaginary deck. Once this is done, the performer takes the visible, real deck and spreads through the cards to reveal that one card is turned face-down --- it matches the spectator's imagined (thought of) card.

Available in Blue or Red Bicycle Rider Backs.

* * * Each deck comes with Password Access to instructions.