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Fast & Fluid + MARKED BrainWave  

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 Fast & Fluid +MARKED+ BrainWave Deck

The Mimesis Better "Fluid" BrainWave Deck is now designed for accuracy & speed of location. The cards are marked for position --- no more slow counting to get to the target card. Plus, no more fumbling to separate the pairs.

This BrainWave Deck is marked for card location, which means that every third card is marked (for 2-way design) by number so that you can quickly spot your counting position as you spread the cards.

And if you're not familiar with the "fluid " design, read on:

The "fluid motion" design of this deck was requested by popular demand based on the success of my Better "Fluid" Invisible Deck.

Veron's Brainwave Effect: A cased deck is placed on the palm of a spectator from the start of the trick. The spectator is requested to think of any card (no force, no influence) --- one of 52 cards. The spectator reveals his thought of card and the performer removes the deck from the case and without ant sleights or moves, slowly spreads the cards to reveal that one and only one card is face-up in the deck. The face-up card is the spectator's selected card! But wait, the face-up card is turned over, showing a red-back card in an all blue-back deck --- final proof that true magic has just happened.

* Easy to do. No sleights involved. Basically self-working--- if you can spread the cards and talk at the same time, then you can do this trick.

* This deck is designed for fluid separation of paired cards.

* This deck has every third card (3,6,9,12,3,6,9) marked for rapid location and accuracy. The marks are for a 2-way design and the marks are on both the Blue and Red sides of the deck.

* Deck made by the preferred Mimesis Card Workshop (one guy (Shawn Evans), two hands and a few ideas).

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