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Better SHORT Deck-Tally Ho FAN

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The SHORT DECK consist of an entire deck of SHORT cards.

This deck is BETTER because:

1.> Each card in the deck is shortened to a standard Svengali width- trim -- all cards are consistent in height.

2.> And each card is rounded to a superior 1/8 inch corner radius.

Currently, the inferior "short-cut cards" as found in gaffed decks (Mental Photography, Mene Tekel & Svengali) have a very wide corner rounding that is quite noticable and unacceptable to Cardicians. A 1/8 inch radius, rounding-cut is the superior option. Better equipment and quality labor = a superior, BETTER gaffed deck.

Uses: Key / Locator Cards

* Any card (or cards) from the SHORT deck can be inserted into a regular matching deck and used as a KEY card -- great for a cutting-to-the-aces type effect.

* Or any regular card (or cards) can be inserted into the SHORT deck and the card will become an instant Long KEY card.

Available in blue & red Tally-HO FAN backs.