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BETTER Mene-Tekel - Tally-Ho FAN

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CLICK HERE for a complete listing of Mene-Tekel deck types.This deck is "BETTER" because: (1) The trim cuts on all 52 cards are even and (2) the corner-rounding has a superior 1/8th radius- cut per card.

Currently, the inferior "short-cut cards" as found in gaffed decks (Mental Photography, Mene Tekel & Svengali) have a very wide corner rounding that is quite noticable and unacceptable to Cardicians. A 1/8 inch radius, rounding-cut is the superior option. Better equipment and quality labor = a superior gaffed deck.

The Mene-Tekel is a simple and elegant deck of gaffed cards which allows the creative performer to produce “magic & miracles” without sleight-of-hand techniques.

The deck was first created by Frederick W. Conradi and later marketed by Burling Hull (inventor of the Svengali Deck), but never gained popularity --- which most magicians consider a good thing.

The variety of tricks that can be done with the Mene-Tekel Deck has been demonstrated in the classic book: Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, in which an entire chapter was devoted to the deck. Effects such as:

* Controlling Several Cards * Card into Pocket * Card and Number * One in Four

* The Pocket Rising Card * Coincidence Mene-Tekel * Cards and Slates

WATCH VIDEO Video also has informational link to all types of Mene-Tekel Decks and their applications.

Once you become familiar with the standard Conradi / Mene-Tekel deck, you can expand your working knowledge by studying the many varieties of the deck in use today (Rough, Non-Rough, Standard S&L, Combined R/B L&S).

*****All Mene-Tekel decks come with the complete e-book: Encyclopedia of Card Tricks and the bonus e-book: NEW ERA CARD TRICKS, considered the masterpiece of August Roterberg's pulblishing efforts. A large part of this book is basically a translation of the German work by Friedrich W. Conradi.

Available in Red or Blue TALLY-HO FAN backs.

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