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The Better FLUID MIRAGE Deck

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The MIRAGE deck is a classic forcing deck --- true, tried, and tested world-wide, over the years.

With the MIRAGE Deck, the magician can spread the cards face-up to show that the cards are different and in random order. Without any sleights, the deck is turned face-down and the cards are spread from hand-to-hand. Then, the spectator is asked to FREELY touch any card for a selection. No matter which card is selected, it will always be the forced card as controlled by the magician.

Important charactistics of this deck:

> No sleights needed.

> Great for making a 100% fool-proof prediction of a freely chosen card.

> The cards can be openly spread face-up or used with a Cascade Riffle to show that the cards are completely different.

> The spectator can make a free selection by touching the back of any card in the spread or he can cut the deck to make a cut-to selection.

This is a Mimesis BETTER Series Deck because:

> The force card can be removed easily due to the FLUID application per card. The chosen card can be pushed side-ways to remove it --- no need to struggle while separating the pairs.

> All the short, force-cards are made with a superior 1/32" radius corner cut --- no obvious eye-sores. Also, all of the length cuts are consistently even per card to ensure that a good touch and cut is always made on the force card.


Available in RED or BLUE Bicycle Rider Backs