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FLUID Pop-Eyed Popper Deck

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The Pop-eyed Popper Deck made by the Mimesis Card Workshop is designed for "fluid separation" of the force card from the show card, which means that you don't have to struggle with or look awkward trying to do the separation technique.

WATCH VIDEO  <----- The video shows the Invisible Deck with FLUID SEPARATION in action.

The POP-EYED POPPER deck is a classic forcing deck..

With this deck, the magician can spread the cards face-up to show that the cards are different and in random order. Without any sleights, the deck is turned face-down and the cards are spread from hand-to-hand. Then, the spectator is asked to FREELY touch any card for a selection. No matter which card is selected, it will always be the forced card as controlled by the magician.

Important Notes:

> No sleights needed.

> Great for making a 100% fool-proof prediction of a freely chosen card.

> The cards can be openly spread face-up to show that the cards are completely different.

> The spectator makes a free selection by touching the back of any card in the spread.

This is a Mimesis BETTER Series Deck because:

> The force card can be removed easily due to the FLUID application per card. The chosen card can be pushed side-ways to remove it --- no need to struggle while separating the pairs.


Available in RED or BLUE Bicycle Rider backs.