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FLUID Multi-Mirage Deck

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Question: What's better than being able to automatically force a card on a spectator?

Answer: Being able to force two different cards on two spectators from the same gaffed deck!

The Multi-Mirage Deck with FLUID SEPARATION is designed for forcing two different cards -- the power of 2 forcing decks built into one.


With the Multi- MIRAGE Deck, the magician can spread the cards face-up to show that the cards are different and in random order or the cards can be riffled downwards (Cascade Riffle) to show the deck mixed. Without any sleights, the deck is turned face-down and the cards are spread from hand-to-hand. Then, one spectator is asked to FREELY touch any card for a selection and a second spectator is asked to do the same. No matter which cards are selected, it will always be the force cards as controlled by the magician.

Important characteristics of this deck:

> No sleights needed.

> Great for making two,100% fool-proof predictions of  freely chosen cards.

> The cards can be openly spread face-up or used with a Cascade Riffle to show that the cards are completely different.

> The spectator can make a free selection by touching the back of any card in the spread or he can cut the deck to make a cut-to selection.

This is a Mimesis BETTER Series Deck because:

> This one deck has the "forcing power" of two mirage decks.

> Each for the 2 force cards are of different values and suits for a total random look.

> All the short, force-cards are made with a superior 1/32" radius corner cut --- no obvious eye-sores. Also, all of the length cuts are consistently even per card to ensure that a good touch and cut is always made on the force card.

> The overall deck is designed with the renowned Mimesis FLUID SEPARATION application, which allows the paired cards to be easily separated when needed.


Available in RED or BLUE Bicycle Rider Backs